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DER Consortia

DER Consortia Program

The Consortia Hotel Program includes more than 6.000 Hotels worldwide. It is mainly concentrated on the business traveler needs and will be distributed to more than 5.000 travel agencies - mainly business travel agencies belonging to the DER Touristik (e.g. FCm Travel Solutions, DER Deutsches Reisebuero, leisure travel agencies with DERTOUR licence). Approximately 80% of this business is corporate and 20% is individual business (FIT). Prerequisite for participation in the DER Consortia Programme is a link to the distribution system (GDS) Amadeus.

Hotels participating in this programme additionally have the possibility to be listed in the DER Voucher Program as well which will be distributed to leisure travel agencies. In this case it is obligatory that the hotel accepts DER Vouchers as form of payment.

The participation fee for 2016 per hotel is EUR 350 (plus VAT in Germany).


NEW: Representation of the hotels in the Online Directory


Marketing Activities DER Consortia Program

1. DER Consortia Sales Mailing
Should you wish to inform the travel agent of existing promotion material (hotel directories, rates and other offers etc.), then the DER Consortia Sales Mailing is the ideal media for you. Just supply the material and we will take care of the delivery. Samples of the material must be sent to us no later than 14 days prior to the desired mailing date. In addition we will write a letter of recommendation, informing the travel agents on your enclosed advertisements. The charges for participation in the DER Consortia Sales Mailing range from EUR 2.000,- depending on the weight of the enclosed material and the delivery date.

2. DER Consortia Address Data
Are you interested in mailing (including delivery) and only need addresses of potential travel agents? Then our DER Consortia Address Data is all you need. You will receive approximately 5.500 addresses of agencies with a DERTOUR license. The charges for this media amount to EUR 1.100,-. We can transmit the data via e-mail.

3. Intranet of FCm
To promote special rates (summer specials, travel agent rates, etc.) or events we offer you an entry in the intranet of FCm. This service is partly free of charge.

If you have any question to our corporate programmes or marketing activities please send an e-mail to DERconsortia@dertouristik.com.