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Since 2004 DER Touristik Frankfurt has established for you the world wide internet with the hotel booking engine www.DERhotel.com!


DERhotel.com – Your Benefits

Profit by the cost free participation in an additional, effective distribution channel. No fees occur except the 12% commission.

We absolutely accommodate to your needs! If your hotel is linked to the reservation system Pegasus, you automatically receive all bookings via Pegasus. For you no additional expenditure occurs. In case your hotel is not linked to the reservation system Pegasus, we provide our innovative DERhoteladministration for daily rate and availability amendments. Certainly no technical installations are necessary for the participation.

As a fair partner we give you the possibility of yearly contracts. You have the possibility to adjust your rates according to the economic development. Shouldn´t your rates change, we are able to renew your contract automatically. Profit by the co-operation with DER Touristik, your partner with over 90 years of experience in the hotel business.

Achieve improvement in the number of business clients without any additional effort! With a listing on DERhotel.com you automatically reach all the companies linked to DERhotel.com. Herewith you benefit from a constantly increasing business volume.

We put your hotel in the best perspective! Your hotel is listed extensively on www.DERhotel.com. This includes for example the cost free implementation of up to six hotel pictures, the implementation in the route planner as well as a city map. Of course your hotel is also included in our vicinity search. This includes besides the search for points of interest, train stations, airports and exhibition centres, the search for company addresses as well as free entered addresses.

Numerous arrangements in Marketing help the customers to find your Hotel easily. Increase your efficiency and turnover by a co-operation with DERhotel.com! Contribute that your co-operation with DERhotel.com will become public. Advise the video which is shown on www.DERhotel.com and your participation in DERhotel.com to your regular customers, relatives, friends, business partners etc. and receive as a gratification all the more bookings!


DERhotel.com – The chain of distribution

For participation on DERhotel.com all you need is an operational and available Fax machine. A compulsory connection to a reservation system is not necessary!

If you have a connection to the reservation system Pegasus, you can receive your bookings easily via Pegasus. DERhotel.com will offer the customers automatically your cheapest available rates. Thereby you do not have to make any effort to take care of your data. When you change a Rate in your reservation system, DERhotel.com has at the same time access to your current rates.

When you do not have any access to reservation system Pegasus, we will transmit all your bookings via Fax. To allow you to change your rates and availabilities in a comfortable way, we provide to your disposal our DERhoteladministration. Here you can edit any data for your Hotel seven days a week around the clock. All changes will be active immediately. DERhoteladministration enables you amongst others to enter your allotments, special offers and last-minute rates.


DERhotel.com – Internetplatform

DERhotel.com presents for around 70% Business clients a comfortable way of processing business trips. Whether it is a one-man-company or a world-wide operating affiliated group, our booking engine can be customised for the special needs of every company.

DERhotel.com offers Clients a world wide Portfolio with various dimensions of Hotels. With the help of a clearly arranged, self-explained website provides DERhotel.com the customers a quick and uncomplicated hotel booking. And this might be soon also for your Hotel!

Did we convince you? Then do not hesitate and fill in the DERhotel.com contract immediately!
We are looking forward to welcoming you as a participant in DERhotel.com!

Yours DERhotel.com Team

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