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Hotel chains

Service for hotel chains / hotel co-operations

Our databank comprises already 104.000 hotels, of which approx. 72.000 hotels belong to a hotel chain or hotel co-operation. The use of ratefinding.com is free of charge for all hotel chains/hotel co-operations.

Ratefinding.com offers a variety of possibilities:
  • Access with registered login details.
  • The details off all hotels can be checked and managed by using the registered login details.
  • Hotel chains/hotel co-operations can delegate the entire process to the hotels by creating login details for the hotels concerned. => The person in charge at the respective hotel can manage the hotel details as well as submit the contract details for the various programmes.
  • Hotel data (address, facilities etc.) can be up-dated throughout the year either by the hotel chain/hotel co-operation or by the person in charge at the appropriate hotel.
  • Hand operated rate quotation for various corporate programmes on an annual basis.
  • Hotel chains/hotel co-operations with a certain number of participating hotels (from 100 hotels on) can submit all details via File Transfer Standard/DERTOUR FTS.
  • Online re-negotiation between the corporate travel manager and the hotel chains/hotel co-operations or the hotels.
  • "Letter of confirmation" (confirmation of participation) for the various corporate programmes can be downloaded and printed.
  • Advanced rate loading as the rate loading information can be downloaded.