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RFP Solution Services

Would you not prefer to sort out hotel procurement via the click of a button?
Do you often find that communicating with a large number of different hotels is a tough task?

Perhaps there is a lack of the necessary transparency when it comes to dealing with prices and conditions. Or you may simply feel that negotiations are too protracted and that the process costs are too high.

We’ll be honest. Requests for proposals don’t take care of themselves, even via ratefinding.com. But what our web-based procurement portal does is provide you with all the tools you need to achieve efficiency and success by conducting your hotel buying activities in a largely automated way. You will be able to invite hotels to submit their offers via the click of a button. You will receive identically structured offers which can be compared automatically, and thus achieve the best possible conditions. ratefinding.com provides you with a detailed summary of prices and numbers of overnight stays over the past two years. This will aid you in your price negotiations by giving access to specific and robust data across the whole of the procurement process.

We know that any online process is ultimately only as good as the people who stand behind it and will not leave you to deal with the intricacies of ratefinding.com on your own. We adapt the tool to your specific requirements and arrange for one of our Key Account Managers to provide you with all the support you need throughout the whole of the procurement procedure. We want you to receive the assistance you need when you need it.

If you prefer, you also have the option of delegating your entire hotel procurement process to us. RFP Consulting Services offers a consultancy solution that covers the whole of the value-added chain connected to the buying-in of hotel services.


ratefinding.com - Facts

  • Standardised procurement and communication processes to enhance procedures
  • Depending on the type and size of the hotel programme, manual or automatic data collection via FTS (DERTOUR File Transfer Standard), GBTA or Nexus World Services data transfer
  • Accelerated processes via a shorter procurement phase and more rapid availability of the hotel rates negotiated
  • Cost savings by concentrating on core processes
  • Simultaneous procurement of all hotel programmes to deliver bundled volumes
  • Individually adapted modules for every single customer
  • Effective evaluations and summaries via integrated reporting
  • Connection to the DERhotel.com reservations portal


ratefinding.com - Service for travel managers

  • Travel managers can use existing contractual data to create their company’s own hotel portfolio on an individual basis.
  • Access via registered log-in data
    • Contractual data can be viewed as soon as it is collected by the partners.
    • Follow-up negotiations between travel managers and hotels/hotel chains can be conducted online. 
    • The system documents all the stages of any follow-up negotiations that take place.
    • All the relevant contractual data of the hotels is clearly displayed on a single page.
    • Access rights can be allocated in a differentiated way at country level.
  • Travel managers are able to make direct comparisons between all data before making a hotel selection.
  • Evaluations of such aspects as price differences compared to the previous year can be downloaded immediately.


ratefinding.com - Service for hotel chains

  • Access to data from all hotels at any time via personal log-in – data records can be administered around the clock.
  • Hotel chains can generate users themselves and allocate such users establishments for the processing of hotel and contractual data.
  • Users can update hotel data such as address, fixtures and fiunishings etc. at any time.
  • Manual rate quoting for various corporate programmes is possible on an annual basis.
  • Hotel chains can send us all data via data transfer (File Transfer Standard/DERTOUR).
  • ratefinding.com facilitates direct follow-up negotiations between the corporate travel managers and hotel chains or hotels.
  • Printable confirmation of participation in the hotel programmes can be downloaded online.
  • Download of rate loading information speeds up rate loading processes.

More than 100,000 hotels are already listed in the ratefinding.com database. These include 72,000 hotels that are part of a chain or have entered into cooperation agreements.
Please visit ratefinding.com to find out more.