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The hotel procurement portal  

Greater transparency, lower costs.

Our web-based procurement portal ratefinding.com enables you to conduct rates negotiations with the hotels of your choice in a structured and efficient manner.
Ratefinding.com is a DER BUSINESS Solutions product, offering you all the benefits of our many years of experience in both the leisure and corporate sides of the hotel business.

Range of Services

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Platform for hotels and hotel chains

Platform for hotels and hotel chains

Ratefinding.com allows the fast and efficient processing of RFPs through different modules:

a) Manual via ratefinding.com
b) Automated via File Transfer Standard (DERTOUR FTS), GBTA or Nexus World Services file transfers

Every module can be customized on our client’s demands.
Every hotel or hotel chain receives login details for the secured hotel area in ratefinding.com. Within the hotel chains the contracting can be delegated to the hotels. This possibility and the reduction of paper contracts mainly accelerate the rate finding process and prevent mistakes.

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Platform for Travel Manager

Platform for Travel Manager

Through usage of ratefinding.com as a centralized and web-based sourcing platform, a clear structured and transparent process is provided.

The Travel Manager gets an overview of all pre-selected hotels and the offered rates. Thus, and by the newly available reports an easy comparison is enabled. Hereby the selection of suitable hotels is mainly supported. By a simultaneous display of the offered rates as well as the immediate possibility to renegotiate rates the transparency is increased. This section can also be customized on our client’s demands.

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Utilisation of the entire value-added chain

Utilisation of the entire value-added chain

With our hotel booking engine DERHOTEL we provide our clients with access to the entire value-added chain from hotel procurement to hotel sales.

This combination enables the procurement of all benefits in a one-stop shop and the hotels are bookable even earlier!

Your benefits at a glance

Optimising processes

Process streamlining use of standardised procurement and communication processes

Cost reduction

Focussing on core processes and core tasks

Process acceleration

Shortening of the procurement phase facilitates more rapid availability of the hotel rates which have been negotiated

Volume bundling

Procurement of all corporate hotel programmes takes place at the same time


Company-wide access to net corporate rates negotiated


Individually adapted modules for every single customer


Provision of informative evaluations and summaries


Connection to the DERHOTEL reservations portal